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Did you know?

Dog poop carries diseases and parasites.

"Many of these diseases only spread to people if they ingest the infected poop (we know — yuck). It might seem appalling and impossible that you would eat your dog’s poop, but imagine this scenario..."


"Dog poop sits out in your yard. Microscopic bacteria and parasites transfer to your soil. You go outside to play with your dog or tend your garden, and you touch the ground at some point.
Later, you eat a snack without thinking of washing your hands first. And boom, the bacteria or parasite has found its way inside your body." 

"To reduce the risk of spreading disease, remove dog poop from your lawn immediately, then wash your hands right after. Leave the poop out, and it can easily infect other members of your family (especially young children who play in the yard and aren’t very good at washing their hands)."


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