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 About me: 

            I was born in Colorado and raised in California. I moved to Oregon in 2012.  I choose to live in Oregon because it is very green, it rains, and I love the seasons throughout the year.  I currently live in West Linn. 


When I’m not caring for your pet; I’m hiking, refinishing furniture, working in my garden, reading books, going to concerts, travelling or spending time with friends.


Throughout my childhood I’ve cared for the family pets:  cats, birds, and goldfishes. While I haven’t had a pet dog of my own I have always looked forward to opportunities to be around dogs.  I especially enjoy going out on walks in the neighborhood or travelling to a nature park where I can bring a dog along for a hike.  


My business has blossomed from what started out with friends wanting me to watch their pets for a weekend and eventually it turned into referrals from those friends. Soon my schedule began to fill up with requests months in advance.


I believe the work that I do cherishes and respects the special bond that animals have with their owners.  While I’m no substitute for you I hope that I can make your time a way a special one for you and your beloved pets; knowing that your animals and your home are safe in your absence.


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