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  Local Dog Parks  

Rated by the Willamette Weekly-2018

Thousand Acres

Sandy River Delta Park. Crown Point Highway, Troutdale. 1,400 acres, all off-leash except the Confluence Trail and parking lot. 

Bonus for dogs: Racing other dogs to fetch sticks thrown into the shallow waters of the Sandy.

Drawbacks: You have to drive to Troutdale. Also, there's no escaping the mud. Bring Towels. 

Sellwood Riverfront Park

Southeast Spokane Street and Oaks Parkway. 8 acres with off-leash only on the main lawn.  

Bonus for dogs: Striking regal poses against the backdrop of the Willamette River with downtown in the distance. 

Drawbacks: The off-leash area doesn't include the waterfront. Few dog owners heed this. 

Laurelhurst Park

Mount Tabor

Southeast Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. and Oak Street. 31 acres. Off-leash dog run abutting Oak Street. 

Bonus for dogs: Chasing the ducks, jumping in the duck pond, watching the ducks swim in the deep water and daring them to come back to the shallows. 

Drawbacks: There are fewer dog pals than at other parks. The off-leash area technically doesn't include the duck pond. 

6336 SE Lincoln St. 190 acres. 4-acre off leash area at the bottom of the hill on the south side.

Bonus for dogs: Running ahead along the trails and hiding in the bushes until owners catch up.

Drawbacks: Parking is sparse near the dog park.  

Chimney Park


9360 N Columbia Blvd. 5.5 acre fenced dog park. 

Bonus for dogs: Being able to run to the far edges of the park without being called back.

Drawbacks: The ground is pretty muddy in wet weather. 

6010 NE 37th Avenue. 26 acres, with a large off-leash area. 

Bonus for dogs: Lots of other dogs to play with. Does have supply to water. But, on hot days they may be empty. Best to bring your own. Remember to pick up your own poop. It is a family park. 

Drawbacks: The park has no fence and is very close to a busy street. For trusted dogs only. 

Lents Park

5208 SE 88th ave.  A small off-leash area in the corner of a 38-acre park. 

Bonus for dogs: Water spigots are provided for tired pups. 

Drawbacks: Lent's Park's off-leash dog is a small, uneventful space in the corner of the park's grassy expanse.

Portland International Raceway

1940 N Victory Blvd. 300 acres, with a 3-acre of off-leash space. 

When cars aren't whizzing around the track, dogs are free to race around on an endless grass field. But, bring water proof shoes. The raceway is located next wetlands, which turn the field to muck. 

Bonus for dogs: The only things to do here are running fast and playing fetch.

Drawbacks: Other than open space, not much else. 

Waluga Dog Park

15775 Waluga Drive, Lake Oswego. Nice open space for dogs.  

Bonus for dogs: The only things to do here are running fast and playing fetch.

Drawbacks: Other than open space, not much else. 

Hazelia Field Dog Park

170800 Stafford Rd, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Bonus for dogs: The only things to do here are running fast and playing fetch. Has two areas for dogs to play. Larger area for big and outgoing dogs. Smaller area for little and shy dogs. Walking trails. 

Drawbacks: Can get very muddy. But, they have a wash off area to hose off your dogs. 

Ash Avenue Dog Park

Potso Dog Park

12770 SW Ash Avenue, Tigard. Situated near downtown Tigard. 

Bonus for dogs: Great dog park for the winter. This place is bark only. Very limited to mud and grass. 

Drawbacks: Limited parking on a busy street. 

7960 SW Hunziker Street, Tigard. A fully fenced in park for dogs. Provides dog waste bags and garbage cans. Has a greenspace and trails. 

Bonus for dogs: Dogs and humans love it.


Gabriel Dog Park 
Summer & Winter

7000-7198 SW 45th Avenue, Portland. Has two seasonal dog parks. Provides dog waste bags and trash cans nearby. 

Bonus for dogs: both Summer and Winter park are fenced in. Walking paths around the whole park. 

Drawbacks: Can get muddy during the spring/winter months. 

Always remember to clean up your pet's waste!

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